Double side frying pan non stick pan

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【Spray paint】Bake paint process


1. It is designed using the principle of a pressure cooker to allow food to reach a fully-sealed cooking state, so that the nutrition of the food is not lost, and the original flavor is healthier and more delicious.

2. Equipped with an original silicon-oxygen sealing ring and a 4000 Gauss magnetic lock device, so that the food can be cooked in a drip-proof and safe cooking state when cooking.

3. The inner layer of the pot body adopts diamond penetration technology, and the outer layer adopts sandblasted ceramic non-stick layer. Heat conduction is more uniform and cleaning is more convenient. It can also radiate far infrared rays, making cooking faster and more healthy.

4. The original double-sided pressure cooking function makes the operation process more humane, and the food will be cooked naturally with just one touch.

Safety instructions for double-sided pot:

1. In addition to the original cooking purpose, do not use this pot for any other purpose.

2. Do not use it in a general oven or microwave.

3. Do not tamper with the pan and its parts in any way without authorization to avoid damage caused by gas-related explosions.

4. Once the pan is hot, do not touch any metal parts of the pan.

5. Each time you add liquid, oil or food to the hot pan, you should handle it carefully and avoid splashing.

6. Make sure that the air port faces a safe direction with no obstacles or unobstructed to avoid burns.

7. Do not put the empty pan on the open stove for too long, so as not to form discoloration stains (under high temperature), damage the silicone gasket and non-stick bottom surface.

8. Do not heat or scratch the magnetic case on the handle, so as not to weaken the magnetic force and cause the pan to be locked properly.

9. After each cooking, you should slowly open the pan at an inclined angle, so that the steam and grease condensed in the upper pan can be properly placed in the grease drip tray through the exhaust port.

10. When using, please use medium and low fire for cooking, avoid using high fire. This pot is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving product with fast heat conduction.

11. Before opening the pot, make sure that the drip opening of the grease drip tray is upward. In order to avoid unnecessary splash accidents.

12. If you need to open the upper pot upright for mixing or copying the food in the pot, you should handle it carefully to avoid scalding your hands.

13. The outer layer of the pot body is a ceramic layer-heat-proof and easy to clean. However, any remaining food, dirt, oily dirt or carbon dirt, if it is not cleaned and then burned again and again, these dirt will stick to the outer layer of the pot and it is difficult to clean it.

14. This pot should not be washed in the dishwasher.

Additional information

Weight1.89 kg
Dimensions400 × 400 × 100 cm

36cm, With gloves, 27cm


Black, Orange 1pair

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